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At the University College Center in Kristiansund, three large educational institutions - Molde University College, Western Norway University College and Dronning Maud Minnes University College - offer higher education. The educations are future-oriented and close to the business community. Kristiansund University College Center was founded in 2007. The aim of the establishment was to establish a range of study offers in Kristiansund and to establish a professional environment related to these fields of study. In the autumn of 2016, the board of HiKSU presented a new strategy for growth and development of the offer in Kristiansund, which resulted in an overall boost towards the establishment of Campus Kristiansund.

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Kristiansund University College Center asund was founded on 2 March 2007. Kristiansund University College Center has its own administration and board to work for university college offerings in Kristiansund. Høgskolesenteret i Kristiansund AS was founded with a share capital of 110,000, - divided into 110 shares and owned by:

• Kristiansund and Nordmøre Næringsforum AS 40 shares

• Molde University College 30 shares

• Kristiansund municipality 20 shares

• Møre og Romsdal county 20 shares

Small environment - large yield

At the University College Center in Kristiansund, we have a unique study environment that is close to the business community. We are passionate about those who come to us to take higher education, get the best conditions for success.

Take an education where the environment is small and the benefits are great. Study offer in Kristiansund.

If you want to get involved in your own everyday study, there are good opportunities for that at Hiksu. You can become a student ambassador and you can get involved in the student association æStudent.

æStudent is the students' own association. It is a voluntary student association that arranges social events and activities for all students at Hiksu. æStudent arranges, among other things, Opening Week, quizzes, movie nights, game nights, barbecues, cabin trips, competitions, Christmas calendars and much more. æStudent is an association for all students at HiKSU - regardless of which field of study or school they are affiliated with. There are annual elections for the board and positions in the association.

Here you can read more about what it is like to be a student in Kristiansund.

To contact æStudent send an email to: kontakt@aestudent.no

Check out æStudent on facebook here.