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We at SiMolde believe that an active study period is a good starting point for working life. And it will make you happier to contribute. Therefore, we want to make sure that you are not only engaged in the study but also outside study time.

First and foremost, we have the student community, iStudent and æStudent, which has many different selections where you as a student can participate. Then you have the opportunity to help create a good study environment within the selection you are applying for. Read more about this here!

As a student at Molde University College, you have the opportunity to contribute to a better school environment in collaboration with the employees. Through the Student Parliament, student representatives are appointed to several of the university college's committees, which ensure student representation. The Student Parliament also represents HiMolde's students in the national student political arena. If this suits you well, you can read more about it here!

Molde Friskus

Friskus' social entrepreneur consists of socially engaged employees with broad experience from both the municipal and voluntary sectors. They are the only provider of a comprehensive activity and volunteering tool. Through close collaboration with Norwegian municipalities, volunteer enthusiasts and organizations, the tool is built on real needs and experiences. Friskus.com is currently used by voluntary organizations and municipalities throughout Norway. - A network for activity and meaning is created!

Engaging in voluntary organizations helps to form a good image of oneself and build experiences that will positively affect future work. Here we have found some pages that you can visit to find out more about the offers available here in Molde. First and foremost, we have Frivillig.no who are looking for people for different types of work. Even more locally, we have Molde volunteer center and Kristiansund volunteer center.

Molde Red Cross and Kristiansund Red Cross have different departments that you can help them with. Or maybe you want to be a support contact or a night owl for a break during your studies in Molde? Or support contact or night owl in Kristiansund.

Today as of today, SiMolde collaborates with Molde FK bredde and SK Træff football / handball. We want to give students an opportunity to build an experience in sports and management. As well as a better student everyday! They need both coaches and event managers for different cups and matches. More info - contact the Study Environment Coordinator.

Do you have any other recommendations or suggestions from several players - send us an email!

If you want to work alongside your studies, you can use the links here:


  • Arbeidsplassen.nav
  • Molde Storsenter
  • Roseby Amphitheater
  • Moldetorget
  • Molde municipality
  • www.finn.no


  • Kristiansund municipality
  • ALTI Storkaia
  • ALTI Futura
  • www.finn.no

Career Forum is a committee at the Student Society in Molde that works with the business community to ensure that the college is an attractive arena for recruitment. Through various events, it is arranged for companies to present themselves to the students at the school throughout the year. Next to that, there is a website and you can easily find vacancies that are adapted for students here.

Are you an employer and looking for labor? Then you can advertise it for free at Karriereforum here.