Student happenings 2022

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Do you want to do something nice for yourself in 2022? SiMolde want to help you with that! Here are some of our offers we have made for the students!

Student arrangements

On all the information about the arrangements from the student organizations and siMolde will appear. Here you should keep an eye up so you don't miss out on anything! Sit down every Sunday to see what you want to attend the following week 😉

Training room

The training room at the school can be used! It is not very big, but have everything you need for a good session!

Sign up to MSI to get access to the training room.

Student training

In the training room at school, we will arrange student training two times per week. This is CrossFit-inspired sessions that includes both strength and endurance. The sessions are for everyone independent of your fitness level! Signup at


Mellomrommet is a nice place to stress down with other fellow students. Play some games, knit, listen to music or just chill together. Drop by 5 minutes or 3 hours - you are welcome anyway ❤.

Do you need someone to talk loud with?

Our student counselor can help you with that. Release your mind, lower your shoulders and take a deep breath.