The Trivselsfond

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Apply for funds to have fun! A barbecue, game and movie nights, bowling, tapas dinner, a cabin trip - whatever your imagination can think of 🤩

SiMolde is giving out funds to groups of students who has good ideas for social activities for students

The purpose of the Trivselsfond is to create social meeting places for students in the fall of 2021. The total amount of 200.000 kr will be shared among individual students and groups of students who want to create engagement and student activities this fall. The activities can be almost anything you can think of! A barbecue with your classmates, a games and movie night, bowling, Escaperoom, an ice bath with your roommates - or something completely different!

Physical events and activities have to be within the at the time applicable Covid-19 guidelines, and they have to be implemented in the fall of 2021.

Who can apply?

All groups of students can apply for grants to arrange low threshold activities for fellow students. This could be your class, basis groups, flatmates, or other groups of students. The activity has to be for at least 4 students.

What can be applied for?

If you can dream it, you can do it! SiMolde's only requirement is that the funds are used for new activities, and not already existing events and activities, we also want the activities to facilitate social spaces for students to prevent loneliness.

Each application is for one activity, and one student/group can apply multiple times for different activities.

Which criteria is emphasized when allocating the funds?

The assessment on which activities are granted funds for will be considered after the following criteria:

  • Does the event create activity among students?
  • The quality of the event
  • The time perspective of when the event is planned. We want things to happen soon
  • Is the event meant for, or does it include more students?
  • Are the funds used for new events or activities?
  • Is the event in line with the current Covid-19 guidelines?

Not all the criteria need to be fulfilled, but in a priority situation, the number of fulfilled criteria will be prioritized.

We highly encourage you to apply soon - and to apply for similar events later, if the first one is successful!

The Trivselsfond does not grant funds for:

  • The purchase of alcoholic beverages
  • Support for general operating of an organisation
  • General purchases or investments

Processing time for applications

Applications will be processed continuously throughout fall.

The processing time for applications will be at about a week.

The application must contain

  • A general application which explains the activity (purpose, number of participants..)
  • A simple budget for the activity
  • Bank account number and the name on the account
  • The contact info of the person responsible for the application

Any questions?

Contact Eva-Merete at

Reporting afterwards

When the activity you have been granted funds for is completed, the person who is responsible for the application has to send in a short report that describes the activity/event and how it went. Furthermore they have to document their expenses on the event with the receipts to have the expenses refunded.

If the applier does not have the opportunity to cover the expenses beforehand an agreement can be made to have the expenses paid prior to the event.