Student hosts

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The students hosts most important task is to make your arrival a good one, and to help you with practical questions


This year we are happy to introduce you to Michael Henrik Tennebekk, Ingvild Aase, Emilie Grimnes, Silje Marita Vedvik, and Jasetha Pushparajah! They are available during the day throughout the opening week

How can the Student hosts help you?

  • The student hosts is a guide to your new student life in Molde!
  • The Student hosts is your contact person if you have any questions. They are the link between you as a student, SiMolde and HiMolde. If they don’t have the answer, they will direct you to the people who do. Either at SiMolde or HiMolde.
  • They'll help you get to wherever you're staying in Molde when you arrive

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