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Challenging leadership position with important social mission

Director - Studentsamskipnaden in Molde

We are looking for a unifying and committed top manager who is motivated by the demanding task of driving the long-term development of a modern society. The position requires extensive contact and collaboration with the students at our campuses, as well as educational institutions, authorities and other actors. You must be a leader with a good business understanding and insight into our social mission. As a leader, you must have solid abilities to implement the strategic priorities the future requires. You stand out clearly and create positive engagement both internally and externally.


Overall responsibility for the development and implementation of the organization's strategy, budgets and goals

Work closely with the board

Responsibility for service development and business further development of the student organization

Further develop your own management team and create a motivating work environment

Ensure interdisciplinary collaboration and good collaboration across departments

Make SiMolde's service offerings visible to students

Further develop relationships and ensure good communication and interaction with partners

Ensure good financial management, and be a driving force internally and externally to ensure good results


Relevant education at college / university level

Ability to understand and understand our organizational character as a community.

Solid strategic management experience

Experience from management of complex and complex businesses.

Personal characteristics

Ability to balance business and the organization's distinctiveness as a student organization

Must be able to have a holistic, strategic and societal perspective

The ability to understand and create good relationships with students and the various student organizations

Ability to see the organization's potential and opportunities

Good collaboration skills and abilities to motivate your employees

A trustworthy team player, with high personal integrity and ethical standards

Strong implementation power

Determined and enthusiastic

Independent and decisive

We offer

A position that gives you the opportunity to work strategically at the intersection of business, politics and student engagement.

Management of a competence environment with committed employees, managers and students.

For further information, see or contact our advisors in Search House

Deadline: 03.01.2021