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The company's social responsibility refers to how the company behaves in and above society. This concerns, among other things, the standard they have for their business when it comes to health, environment and safety.


Our student counselor will continue with appointments, but over phone or Skype! Appointments can be booked like normal here


The operations personnel will work as close to normal as possible, so if you need help with anything register your inquiry via UniAlltid and it will be taken care of. The housing administration is available by phone or email, and ask that all inquiries are made digitally.

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We are always on the safe side

Sikresiden.no is created by and for Norwegian universities, colleges and research companies. About 30 universities and colleges in Norway are participants in the safety co-operation.

Sikresiden.no is a web app. The solution is specially adapted for students and staff at universities and colleges, among other things because the local emergency number at their own institution is easily accessible. The information is in Norwegian and English.

We advise all employees and students to use this page against our work.