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During 40 years of operation, there is a lot of history behind our work. Let us take you back to the past and the journey of Student Association in Molde.

June 20, 1969

On 20 June 1969, the Storting decided that trial operations would be initiated with district colleges in Kristiansand, Stavanger and Molde, and in the autumn of 1969, 42 students would be admitted to the financial / administrative line at MRDH in Molde. A student association is established which gradually engages in canteen operations, book distribution and housing distribution, in addition to regular student association activities. Molde municipality is involved in building student housing and the first ones will be taken into use at the start of the autumn semester in 1970, ie the A and B blocks in Fabrikkvegen. In March 1970, the foundation Molde studentheim was established (city council decision 16 March 1970) and in 1974, the C block was built and taken into use. A collaboration was entered into with Norske Vandrerhjem and the student housing in Fabrikkvegen was marketed under the name RiMo Hostel Molde.

In September 1973, a committee was appointed to "study the various aspects of a possible formation of a student organization in Molde". The committee issued its recommendation in 1974. In 1975, the necessary decisions were made in student parliamentary bodies that a student organization should be established "to safeguard the students' economic and social interests in such a way that the study stay could provide the best possible benefit for the individual student".

In 1975, a decision was made in the student bodies that a student organization should be established with the usual objectives for such an organization, ie to safeguard the students' social and economic interests.

19 11 1973

January 1, 1976

The student association in Molde is established with effect from 1 January 1976. The students' book purchase is taken over from the Student Association at MRDH from the same date.

In addition, the short-term goal was for the organization to take over;

· Canteen operations

· The housing agency

· Secretariat and business manager functions for the Molde Studentheim Foundation

In the longer term, the following tasks were to be added to the organization;

· Information activities

· Take over and run the Molde Studentheim Foundation (Fabrikkvegen)

· Healthcare

· Stimulate and initiate cultural work

· Facilitate physical activity

· Be the liaison between the school and the local community

· Study guidance

The first board meeting was held in the meeting room in Øvre veg 10 (3rd floor) on Friday 23 January 1976

at 1200. Ann-Irene Kåfjord was employed as an office assistant in ½ position, while Sverre Tverberg worked as general manager (he was a consultant at DH from 1975 - 1977). He was engaged by DH in planning and initiating the communication. He withdrew when the director was appointed and in place. In addition to these two, the following people attended the first board meeting:

Chairman Tore Gloppe and board members Asbjørn Hopland, Harald Berglie and Åse Nordheim. Åse Nordheim was a librarian at DH and she was responsible for book sales in the start-up (she started the bookstore).

Later, Eli Heggdal (Riksheim) was temporarily employed in the book sale and in a board meeting on 18 August 1976, the board decided to appoint the general manager of the Student Association. Steinar Sandvik was appointed and became the organization's first director (8 applicants for the position). He took up the post on 15 September 1976.

In the spring semester of 1976, there were 350 students at the district college in Molde and the semester fee was 20 kroner. In 1976, the rent in Fabrikkvegen was NOK 275 pr. month (deposit NOK 200) and the turnover in the book sale of NOK. 300,000.

19 06 1976
20 08 1977

January 1, 1977

Studentsamskipnaden overtar ansvaret for kantinedriften ved MRDH fra 1. januar 1977.

Sekretariatsfunksjoner og regnskapsfunksjoner for Stiftelsen Molde Studentheim overtas fra 1. januar 1977. I 1976 var Kåre Gjerde stiftelsens sekretær og forretningsfører (han ønsket avløsing), mens Rolf Myhre var stiftelsens formann.

Ny kantine i Byfoged Motzfeldsgt. 6 overtas i midten av september 1977.

Samskipnadens hovedvirksomhet flyttes fra Romsdalsgata/Øvre veg til nyombygde lokaler i Byfogd Motzfeldsgate 6.


New premises for the society's administration and book distribution will be taken into use in February. The contact with the students is then significantly improved. The work of changing the regulations and management function is continued.

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Progress is being made in the planning and construction of new student housing at Kvam. The Kvam project (5 blocks) with 87 tenancies, of which 21 family apartments, will be completed in stages from the autumn semester 1979 to the autumn semester 1980. That is, the D-block will be completed on 6 September 1979, the E-block will be completed in December 1979 and A-, B- and C The block will be completed in August 1980. The summer operation at Molde Studentheim (RiMo Hostel) will be assessed in detail and the organization's general manager will take over the hostel permit.

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