About SiMolde

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We are here so students can enjoy a meaningful and active student life.

Studentsamskipnaden i Molde, SiMolde's, offices are located at Molde University College (HiMolde). We're responsible for the operation and assigning of student housing (SiMolde Bolig), the student bookshop (SiMolde Bok), the canteen (SiMolde Kantine) and the student kindergarten (SiMolde Barnehage). We also offer services from the student counsellor and the student environment coordinator (studiemiljøkoordinator).

SiMolde has been around since 1976, and we have over 40 years of experience with organizing welfare services for the students in Molde.

Molde is a popular and friendly student town and it's known for its festivals and cultural activities. The town is perfectly placed for outdoor activities, skiing (in any shape or speed), diving, mountain sport and other types of outdoor activities. You are more than welcome and we encourage you to participate in these opportunities.

Today, there's about 2500 student associated with Molde University College, who enjoy SiMolde's welfare and service offers.