Exam tips

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Student counselor Eva-Merete shares her best tips for the exam period 🤩

Tips for the exam period 📚

  • Get an overview and make a plan
  • Work at a place where your comfortable
  • Be nice to yourself 😊
  • Work on one thing at a time
  • Make time for breaks
  • Start and end your day with something you master
  • Make time for repetition
  • Prioritize things that gives you energy 🤸‍♀️ (working out, friends, sleep, etc.)
  • Be happy with what you get done
  • Reward yourself
  • Remember that it’s normal – and not dangerous – to be stressed during the exam period
  • Prepare all things tech for your home exams 💻

Need help to make a plan? Reach out to the student counsellor, Eva-Merete at 412 15 748 or at eva-merete@simolde.no

7 tips for your exam day 📆

  • Make sure you have healthy food and drinks around 🍎
  • Have a clean and structured space around you
  • Plan out how much time to spend on the different parts
  • Read the assignments properly
  • Start with something you master 💪
  • Focus! Focus! Focus!
  • If you need help, look at the front page of the exam paper to find out where to ask for help

❤️ GOOD LUCK! ❤️