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Read more about where and how you can do laundry in our housing!

Add money to laundry card/chip

At Campus and Kvam you use the blue key chip to enter the laundry room, as well as to pay for the cleaning. You add money to this chip at Miele's website here. At their website you can add money, book a machine and time, see how much you have left on you chip, and ask for the money back if you have more left when it's time to move out. You'll recieve a username and password together with your key when you move in, this can and should be changed when you first log in.

At Campus and Kvam it is 20,- NOK per wash and dry in dryer.

Starting this fall there will be free use of the laundry machine and dryer at Glombo.

Where do I find the laundry rooms?

  • Campus: first (ground) floor of the A-building, far west, next to the bike parking
  • Kvam: first (ground) floor, of the A-building, through a hallway
  • Glombo: the basement, go down the stairs right inside the main entrance