Typical questions

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Here are some of the questions we are often asked and happy answer back!

When does the assignment begin?

It starts in May, while the majority of homes are allocated in June and July. Housing is allocated continuously during the summer.

What place I have been in the waiting list?

Unfortunately, we can't say that much about it since many people are applying for the same date

I have not yet received an answer, does that mean I do not get housing?

Check out https://simolde.no. Here we post info when all our homes are rented out

Can I say no if I got assigned a different residence than what I really searched for and then wait until I get assigned to my first choice?

No, if you say "no" for an offer you will not get a new offer. We believe a home is better than no home and assigns everything we have as long as we have applicants.

I have been assigned housing but are unsure if I come into the school, what do I do?

Sign the contract, and if you do not get in anyway, you can cancel the housing until July 15 without financial consequences. Contact bolig@simolde.no and we will find a solution.

I wonder what kind of furniture is in the house?

Find more info on each type of property at https://simolde.unialltid.no - including furniture

I have my own furniture, what do I do with the furniture that is already there?

You are responsible for the furniture yourself, they must remain in the room just as whole and neat when you move out. We do not have storage facilities.

I'd like to move in before the contract starts, is it possible?

That's not a problem! Contact us at bolig@simolde.no for questions about your exact contract.

It is possible to move in after the contract has started?

Yes, it's no problem! You will have to pay rent from the day your contract starts, even if you move in later.

I'm going to move out, where do I deliver keys?

The keys can be delivered in one of our mailboxes in the different areas, read more about moving out here. PS! Don't forget the laundry list!

Can't log in to the laundry?

Contact us at bolig@simolde.no and we will send you login information

I have signed for my study in Kristiansund, do you have a house rental there?

No, unfortunately we do not have that. Check out https://finn.no, https://hybel.no, or facebook for housing in Kristiansund