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There is available parking at all our student housing – find out where you can park your car.


Note! This spring there will not be any available parking at Campus due to the construction of a new building - building F.

There is available parking spaces at Molde Campus – both inside and out. The spots are limited and are at a first come, first served basis.

We also have available parking spots inside a garage. However, there are only a few available spots and you'll have to pay a rent of 250 NOK per month to get a spot inside. Contact us if you are interested in a spot in the garage, they are allocated continuously when available. We can put you on the waiting list if you wish.


At Kvam, there are parking spots outside and they are available on a come first, served first basis here as well. There's a limited amount of spots and it's only allowed to park in designated spots. More spots will be made during this spring/summer.


There are also parking spots at Glombo. The limited spots are available on a first come, first served basis.