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Read more about house rent, payment, and the deposit!

The rent is sent out at the beginning of each month, and has to be paid by the 15th each month. Even though the due date for payment is in the middle of the month the rent runs from the 1st of each month to the 30th/31st every month. You therefore pay in advance. During the semester start in August and in January there are different due dates for new students depending on when you move in.

If the payment is not paid within the due date and we have to send out a reminder you will be charged a fee of 64,- NOK.

Payment options

There are multiple ways to pay the rent.

In the payment solution at UniAlltid you can pay using BankAxess if your bank has opened for that option (Norwegian banks only). You can also pay using Visa, MasterCard, or JCB. When paying with debit/credit card a small fee will be incurred.

At UniAlltid you can also find information about your invoice and pay via your online bank. If you pay via your online bank you have to remember to use the KID-number so the payment is connected to you as a customer and you avoid unnecessary reminder fees. We do not send out physical copies of the invoice, but you can print it out from UniAlltid yourself.

We do not accept cash.

eFaktura (eInvoice)

(Norwegian bank accounts only)

Don't worry about your rent not being paid - set up eFaktura in your online bank!

With eFaktura you get your invoice already filled out in your online bank, and you don't have to fill in account number, amount, due date, and especially - KID-number. The only thing you need to do is approve the payment, which you can do in your online bank or in your bank's app. It can now also be approved via Vipps! It does not get easier!

Read more about eFaktura here


The deposit can be paid in the exact same ways as your rent, and should normally be paid before you move in. The amount of your deposit depends on which kind of housing you are assigned. You can see the prices in the list on the right.

After you have moved out the deposit will be repaid all together, if everything is in order in your housing, within 3 weeks after you have moved out. Note! A bit longer waiting period can be expected during the summer and Christmas holiday.

Remember to register the account number (and SWIFT + IBAN if you have an international account) you want the deposit repaid to at UniAlltid.