Flat meetings

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The latest antic from the student environment coordinator and student counselor!

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Shared flats

This autumn 2021, the student environment coordinator, Rebekka, and student councilor, Eva-Merete, has been visiting all the flats at Molde Campus and Kvam! We brought pizza and a plant to all the flats and talked with those students living here 😎 We wanted to talk about what it's like living in a shared flat and the living environment in general - what can we do to have a good time together? The goal has been to connect each flat after the worst corona lock down, and to do something nice together 😄


Good, old Glombo
In addition to the shared flats, we took a trip to the squad at Glombo 😄 Here, most people live alone, so we wanted to gather them in the common room to have a chat! And of course they got pizza as well 🤩 We wanted to what it is like living at Glombo, how it is to live alone, and if they are happy living in our good, old house!

See you next semester 🥰
Eva Merete og Rebekka