Living environment coordinator

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Residential Environment Coordinator is an exciting new position that will work with the living environment of our student residences. The position will be an important contributor to students getting a good start in student life.

We know this is important for mental health, that students thrive on campuses, and not least where they live. So we will give them many opportunities to create secure networks, and find good friends. We will be a good host for students who live with us and you will help to create security and well-being in our homes.

The living environment coordinator's work tasks

  • Ensure that students who move into student housing are received and followed up in a good way.
  • Be a visible and accessible contact person for students.
  • Plan and carry out events in Mellomrommet.
  • Available for booking to attend public meetings for you and you. Book a Living Environment Coordinator!
  • Arrange resident workshop once a year for those living in collective.
  • Arrange resident workshop once a year for those living in by them self.

Together we create a good living environment!

Tell us if there is something you miss or if you want something to happen here on Molde Campus. We work to ensure that you have the best possible study time, and that includes life outside the study itself. Look at the other relevant article for more good content. Please contact!