How to apply for student housing

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We have made a checklist for the procedure for applying for student housing with us

How do I apply?

Applications for housing are sent via the Housing Portal. There you will also find a full overview of all the student housing SiMolde has.

Proceed like this:

First, choose the housing types you want to live in.

Once you have found a home you want to search for, put it in the shopping cart. Once you have found three, you can go to the shopping cart and create an application. You must set up the three in order of priority in the application.

When can I apply?

For the autumn semester, you can apply as early as possible in the spring. Accommodation is assigned continuously from 1 May - we kindly remind you to renew your application if you are notified to do so.

For the spring semester, applications are approved after 1 September.

Our tenancy agreements have a standard start and end date.

For the autumn semester, it is 10 August–15 June the following year, while the spring semester agreement runs from 1 January–15 June the same year.

All students currently living with us, get an offer for renewal of their agreement around mid-April every year, where you can continue your contract for 1 year at a time.

Who can apply?

Unfortunately, we don't have the capacity to house all the HiMolde-students and because of this, we have the following priority order on the different housing:

  1. Full-time students at HiMolde
  2. Students that apply have to be older than 18 years old.
  3. Single rooms and 1-room apartments for students that live alone.
  4. Apartments for families with kids and student couples.

For the complete assigning rules, see here.

Important to know about your application

We don't send out rejections and you'll be on the waiting list until you deactivate your application or you're assigned housing.

When the period of assigning is at its peak, from May until August, it's important to remember to renew your application when you are notified to do so. You'll get an email every two weeks as a reminder. When you get the reminder, just log in to UniAlltid and click "renew my application" - it is very simple :-)

I have been assigned housing - what now?

Yay! You have a place to live :-)

Remember that there's a short deadline for signing the agreement you've been assigned due to the long waiting list. Please sign the agreement as soon as you get it to make sure you've got a place to stay. If you end up not being accepted to HiMolde you have the opportunity to cancel the agreement later – read more about this below!

Are you wondering about the move in-process and what you have to do? Look here.

I was not accepted to HiMolde

If you've signed an agreement in the period between May and August, with an initial start date in August, you can cancel your agreement until 25 July the same year – without any economic consequences. After this date, normal termination applies as stated in the agreement.

As we have a long waiting list, we kindly ask you to get in touch with us via e-mail as soon as possible and by 25 July at the very latest.

For agreements made at other times of the year, normal termination applies – as stated in the agreement. Termination can be done via your profile at UniAlltid.