We're building new housing!

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The plans are made and the final building at Campus will arrive from Estonia this spring!

Plantegning Bt3

Take a look at the F-building! ➡️

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The F-building will be built above the parking deck and contain a total of 56 new rooms. The rooms are divided into 8 shared flats (dorms) where 7 people share a kitchen and a living room. All the rooms are 15,5 square meters including a private bathroom! The common room is a total of 66 square meters, with two stoves, two dish washers, four refrigerators, a dining table, a bar table, and a sofa.

The rooms will arrive pre-assembled and will be mounted together Lego-style!

Dorms to fight loneliness 🧡

As of today we have mostly 1-room apartments where you have everything for your self. Though that's not always a bad solution we do also see that a lot of people have more fun living with others. The F-building will be the first building at Campus with just dorms! Here you will, as mentioned, have your own bathroom which gives the option of privacy, while also sharing a kitchen and living room with 6 others which forces you to see other people at least once a day. We hope that the F-building will help turn the trend of loneliness amongst students, and that more students will have a good and meaningful study time!

The F-building will be ready by August and study start 2020!

This means that there will be a lot of work happening this spring. Therefore, you should expect noise, work, and a lot of activity starting January.

The most important thing is that there will not be any form of parking during this period. By the 6th of January all cars must be removed from the area. Therefore, we encourage everyone that has a car to carefully consider if they really need the car this spring or if it can be left at home after the holidays.

Furthermore, the area between building E and the then new building F will be closed during the building process. Which means that you have to walk up to the main road between building A and B, as well as throw out your trash in the dumpsters outside the B-building.

The area between building D and E will also be closed during this time so that they can fit all their construction cranes etc. The people in the E-building will therefore have to cross the area on a small path between the buildings, enter through the main entrance of the D-building, and out the fire escape door on the ground floor. The people in the D-building will not be able to use their own main entrance door and will also have to use the fire escape door on the ground floor. More specific and explanatory information will be hung up once it approaches!

Bt3 Fra Øst
Bt3 Fra Sør

Be patient!

We completely understand that this is not ideal, or particularly fun - but it will be amazing when we can move in in August, and we can't wait to show you the final building! 🏠

We'll keep you posted!