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This is the unit for our youngest children. There are a total of 12 kids between the age of 10 months and 2 years.

Mariell Haagensen and Ragnhild Haarr Foss are the educational supervisors for these kids and on their team, they have skilled workers, Hege Mjelva and Paula Elnan, as well as assistant, Wenche Fagerlie.


  • Barnehage

    • Kongla Mariell Haagensen

      Mariell Haagensen

      Educational supervisor at Røsslyng
    • Røsslyng Ragnhild Harr Foss

      Ragnhild Haarr Foss

      Educational supervisor at Røsslyng
    • Røsslyng Hege Mjelva

      Hege Mjelva

      Skilled worker at Røsslyng
    • Røsslyng Paula Elnan

      Paula Elnan

      Skilled worker at Røsslyng
    • Kongla Wenche Huse

      Wenche Huse

      Assistant at Røsslyng