Kindergarten and COVID-19

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From April 20, kindergartens reopened. This reopening should be gradual and controlled, with the necessary infection control measures in place.

SiMolde Anestua is currently open from 08:30 to 15:30 to meet the requirements for the infection control supervisor who came out on April 15. You can find this guide here.

Do you work in critical social functions? An extended service will be offered for parents with socially critical functions, within the daycare's regular opening hours. It is enough that one of the parents has such a job or task. Contact the nursery if this is the case.

Update per 6. January 2021

To limit the increase in infection in January, the government has decided that municipalities with a lot of infection should consider whether kindergartens should switch to the red level. The reason for this is fear of increased infection during the Christmas holidays.

The measure applies from Monday 4 January 2021 and currently until Monday 18 January.

Molde municipality still keeps the kindergartens at a yellow level in the traffic light model. SiMolde Anestua relates to this with regard to infection control.

The day care center may be required to change to the red level if the risk of infection is considered to have changed.

Read more about the new measures here:

We have a focus on cleaning and hand washing as protection measures against infection

We take care of our children so our super parents can take care of the community ❤